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Tunisko, Oase Zarzis

Lella Meriam Hotel & Club

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50 %
  • M. K.
  • 19.07 - 26.07.2019

We spent in this hotel 1 week in July 2019. I try to write objective and fair review. Many forget that hotel in similar countries has not same 4* as european hotel and so this hotel has max 3* in european meaning. For the price which we paid for the holiday it was everything fine. Some people need to realized, that for 350-400€ I dont get the service and luxury of 5* hotel... Our room was clean and tidy, everday the towels were changed, every day cleaned floor and bathroom...well maybe not so perfect but it was good- thats another point of view - they have lower standard as we are used to and you have to count with all these facts way in this country... Food was OK, tasty and we always choose something... pancakes, pizza, meat, potatoes, rice, fresh salads, watermelon. And perfect cakes! Problem was that in the restaurant where were not enough warm bufets for so many people... Complication was with the bar...the main bar is inside the hotel and it was not allowed to go to bar in swimming suit, good to have shirt. Drinks are only in small plastic cups or in glass when you stay in lobby bar. Only few drinks to choose... Also you can get here free bottles of water. Pool bar has only beer and no alcohol. "Bar" on the beach is not bar, only tunisian Sprite, cola and fanta, no more. Beach was nice, but also lazy stuff, they dont cleaned the beach properly, some days there was a lot of grass from the sea...second point of view is that many people are doing mess with cigaretes and plastic cups... :-( Depending of the weather was water in the see quite clear, if the wind was stronger water was full of sand and not so clear,but always very warm. Attention-if you dont like the grass in the water, dont go there. We never used the pool, we like the beach. Biggest problem was especially with RUSSIAN and Czech turists, they were ""fighting"" for food, they must be always first, Russians must have full plates of food even they dont eat it the meal on the plates and the waiter throw away full plates in the trash. They must have camp-bad by the pool and also by the sea. Early in the morning you need to take your place or later will be everything full of Russians and Czech... We had very bad experiences with these groups of tourists, because they are very very arrogant and very noisy. But this is not the problem of the hotel, it is about people's intelligence and understanding. For the price we paid, we think that we get what we paid...standard holiday for normal people.

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